Book design

by Sandra Nipperess

Since 1996, I have developed a passion for designing books for the self-publisher—authors with a vision. Some of the manuscripts I have converted to a published book for my clients have taken them years to work through. However, with patience by my side, when the book comes off the press the delight on the face of the self-publisher makes it well worth the wait.
It is wonderful to work with people who dream of seeing their manuscript in book form. The dedication of my clients is worthy of only the best. So, on that note, I strive to give them 150% of my attention with the view to producing the best possible final product. 
I am truly grateful to my husband who supports my passion for book design.  His patience and tolerance provides the opportunity for me to continue working with those authors who otherwise—if left to the larger publishing houses—would never realise their dreams.
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